Elders & Healers Resource List



The Nimkee Nupigawagan Healing Centre located on Chippewa of the Thames is creating a resource list of fee-for-service Elders, Healers and Resource/Knowledge Keepers to work with the youth participants on cultural land-based programming, healing, awareness, arts and ceremony for our upcoming intakes. This would be on a as needed basis and scheduled time frames during residential stay of the participants from July 2, 2022 and onwards.

An Elder’s main duties would be to share teachings & knowledge to the youth (accompanied by staff) practical skills, of our First Nations customs and protocol. Healers would conduct ceremonial practices such as Sweat Lodge, Naming Ceremony or Seer Sessions with individuals or in group. The Elders will provide support and guidance to enhance the healing journey of Indigenous Youth.

The Resource people /Knowledge Keepers would facilitate, workshops, training, storytelling & activities that provide basic life skills, traditional crafts, Indigenous Arts and Traditional Parenting Classes. Teachings of medicines and their uses, medicine walks, and other culturally based practices would be also included under resources.

Candidates will be compensated at a flat rate per day, half day, mileage and incidentals based on qualifications and experience to a maximum amount.

Deadline:   Friday, June 3rd, 2022 at 4 pm.

Anyone interested please send your letter of interest, biography or resume to:

Betty Ireland, Cultural Program

Nimkee Nupigawagan Healing Centre Inc.

20850 Muncey Rd

Muncey ON

N0L 1Y0

(519) 264-2277 ex 226


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