Continuous Care Program

We help at every stage of the process. Our newly created aftercare program will help you with 9 different areas of your life after you leave treatment and depending on your age.

This will be in a holistic manner that will involve our staff, parents, close relatives and friends and others at your request because we understand that your journey does not stop nor start at the treatment stage, we will be with you every step of the way!

Our continuous care program recognizes the cycles of care required.

We hope to be an ongoing resource in your life. The process of developing your unique continuing care plan takes all needs into account from a substance use, mental health, spiritual and physical health standpoint. We will sit down with you and assess from your point of view what strengths, interests, and positive attributes you possess as well as what risky situations and triggers may distract you from your goals. All of these insights about you and your recovery will be used to create a continuing care plan with you.

In addition, under our continuous care program, we conduct regular holistic evaluations with participants as part of their treatment stay in our residence.

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