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With respect, humility and compassion, Nimkee NupiGawagan Healing Centre (NNHC) is committed to empowering First Nations/Indigenous youth, families and communities through culturally based holistic treatment services.

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Traditional Teachings and Healing Practices

The 3-month treatment program is for First Nations and Indigenous youth between the ages of 18 to 25 and 12 to 17 years of age (see new treatment intake dates). The program operates through gender blocks, each intake alternating between male and female youth. The center services youth who are struggling with substance misuse.

The treatment program maintains a philosophy of traditional cultural teachings and healing practices. Through this lens, each of the four quadrants is addressed Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual, to promote healing of one's entire being.

Intake /applications submit to: admissions@nimkee.org

In the meantime, for support contact Dave at: directorofcare@nimkee.org


Goals of the Nimkee NupiGawagan Healing Centre

We recognize that the original teachings, as given by the Creator, will sustain our life today and tomorrow. The following goals are guided by the Medicine Wheel Teachings of the Four Directions.

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Cultural Blankets and Mocs.

Community Education & Training

  • Solvent & Substance Abuse Education
  • PMAB (Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviours) Training
  • FAS & FAE
  • ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
  • Grief Counselling
  • Resiliency Training

What people are saying about our Centre...

“I am so greatful that Nimkee helped my learn about spirituality and my culture. Nimkee has opened up new doors in my life and helped me change my life for the better. I loved the fact that Nimkee was a traditional healing center and that is the reason why I chose to come to here. I was really happy when I received my Anishnaabe name, I felt complete. Before coming to Nimkee I learned that that were was weekly sweat lodge ceremonies and a fasting camp. I was really excited and I have taken part in all ceremonies to the full extent. I have found my identity as an Anishnaabe and am happy beyond imagine. I have found the joy in life and all of creation. All the staff at Nimkee are awesome and they make me feel like I am family.  I learned to accept who I am and to be proud of who I am”

15 year old female, Attawapiskat

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"I am here to tell you what it was like for me at Nimkee. It was honestly life changing. It brought so much out of me. I came here to find something, and I did. I found hope. Just to never give up anything that you want in life because there  is always going to be something waiting for you, for you to want. The cermeonies are good here. Like really good. I was proud to be involved with these ceremonies. Especially fasting because fasting was really tough and I had visions and dreams. I could hear the sounds of nature and I just never thought that I would be here today. Feeling this way. Today is my last day in this program and I am just glad that I am still here, still standing because my life was really hard. There was a reason I came here and I found that purpose and it gave me strength to keep going and to start new. I just hope to keep going and to be better for my people, for our people. I would recommend this place because it’s the most helpful place ever.Without Nimkee, I wouldn’t be this person today. So, thank you. Thank you so much."

Youth, Pikangikum

"I want to say too, a big thank you all for treating us kind and to see my son finished the treatment. I am proud of my son it was tough to finish treatment, but he did it. It was nice to know people here to laugh and going to sweat lodge too. Everyone was fed good. My son was loved here. Thank you all."

Youth's Father, Pikangikum

"I want to thank all of you for looking out for my son and being far away from home, coming here for treatment. Seeing him smile at people, he is happy here, he is a good boy."

Youth's Mother, Pikangikum

"My son was well looked after and fed well. I am sure he learned something here that we will take home and he gained good weight. I am sure he will miss the staff and Nimkee workers. Thanks."

Youth's Mother, Popular Hill

Accreditation, Membership and Licensing

Nimkee NupiGawagan Healing Centre (NNHC) is accredited by the Canadian Accreditation Council by meeting standards of excellence in "Group Care Program" with Aboriginal & Intensive Treatment. Our Centre is a member of the Youth Solvent Addiction Committee and maintains a Children's Residential Operating License under the Child & Youth Services Act. The Ministry of Child & Youth Services completes an annual license review and all our employees regularly and successfully complete a Vulnerable Sector Check with the Police. NNHC is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those within the Centre’s care including the youth and our staff. NNHC’s goal is to empower First Nations/Indigenous youth, families and communities through culturally based wholistic treatment services.


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