About Us

Nimkee residence.

Nimkee NupiGawagan Healing Centre (NNHC)

Nimkee NupiGawagan Healing Centre is a residential Solvent & Substance Abuse Centre for First Nation and Indigenous youth.

  • We assist Indigenous youth and their families in strengthening physical, emotional, and mental wellness.
  • Collaborating with community partners in order to find ways to alleviate solvent & substance abuse in indigenous communities.
  • Providing ongoing appropriate training to NNHC staff.
  • Consistently evaluating and monitoring results to ensure evidence based quality programs.

Vision Statement

The Creator has provided us with the greatest gifts... our young people. Today's generation will help the next generation continue to heal until all indigenous communities are free from solvent abuse and other addictions.

Mission Statement

With respect, humility, and compassion, NNHC is committed to empowering Indigenous youth, families, and communities through culturally based holistic treatment services.

Boiling sap over a wood fire.
Picture of the lodge framework.
A bowl full of wild rice.